To bring a perfect security arrangement we need systematic supervision and proper concern. At Care Force, we provide monitoring, supervision, inspection and recording system. These four system depend on the strength of the post. All of this planned by the main office which meet the all requirements. We have gained great experience to strengthen out monitoring system to reach our goal.

Zone Inspectors:

Dhaka city has been divided in various zone for our operational purposes. We have shift inspectors who already visit post under his own area at least once while doing his duty. During his visit to the post, he checked about the guards and listen about the post supervisor (if there are any). He has to discuss about the regularities and irregularities with the officer or duty officer and takes the record and return to the Headquarters. Inspectors who keeps observation about the officer, are provided with motorcycles or bicycles.

Field Supervisor:

We suggest out clients to employ guard supervisor/guard commanders to give service which depends on the strength of the post and nature. The supervisor’s duty is to make sure that the guard are doing their work properly or not. Their duty include maintainer of duty register in the post. The supervisor also responsible to the roving the guard or shift the inspectors of the CARE FORCE. He makes report to the Headquarter. Surprise checks are carried out occasionally by the duty officer with giving any notice. Sometimes The General Manager visit the sensitive and important to post to keep himself checked with the ongoing duty place. We also carry out surprise as response to client complaints.

Night Checking:

CARE FORCE Headquarters makes night checking every day in every zone. The duty roster for night checking is fully planned by the Operation Director in consultation with the General Manager (Operation). Night checking is taken out by three different teams every single night. In addition to dedicated night supervisor of the zone, there are two teams of officers, one in vehicle and another one on motorcycle carries out supervision at night. Weekend Officers Visit: In Dhaka, Directors from the Corporate Headquarters by rotation checks at day and night time by motorcycles or bicycles in every weekend and holidays. A duty roaster is being alert from the headquarters for the duty.