Leading company in this field, We provide specific solutions.
Care Pest BD is here to save the day with effective pest control services in Dhaka and Chittagong Bangladesh. We eradicate pests of all kinds! From residential hotels, warehouses, to hospitals – we have been catering to different clientele over a decade. With 12 years of experience by our side, our team of pest exterminators have the safest and best solution to get rid of pests. We Provide Termite Control, Bedbug Control, Ants Control, Spider Control, Mosquitoes Control and Container Fumigation Services etc.
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Our Mission
Guaranteed Pest Control Solution Get a quick pest control solution within few hours or in a day at low cost price.
Our Vision
Pest Free Bangladesh Denouncing pleasure and praising pain was will give you a complete account.
Our Value
Desires to obtain Care Pest Control providing the service within Dhaka, Chittagong and Shylet right now. Our goal is to provide the pest control services and cover whole Bangladesh.