Our training experts provide training & briefing on the basic role and responsibility of the security personnel. Our security personnel takes note of the duty and responsibilities of industrial & commercial segments. They are made to undergo training regularly. TOP place’s the highest emphasis on key areas: training, operational management, personal aptitude, professional skills, recruitment, motivation and administration support.

Fitness Training test

Security official physical fitness benchmarks improve official and hierarchical wellbeing. Physically fit security officials as more averse to have their position addressed and less inclined to be physically tested. Then again, when security faculty need to strive, such as running a separation, or to run up a trip of stairs, or to physically shield themselves or others against an ambush, physically fit security officials can keep up a satisfactory degree of physical stamina important to conquer an assailant and endure the experience.

Classroom Training

Our Training Program is planned for giving the abilities expected to work expertly in the business of Safety, which is continually searching for new assets.

Emergency Level First Aid & CPR

Emergency Level First Aid & CPR has been appeared to expand certainty and at last increment individuals’ capacity and eagerness to act in a crisis. This implies in case you’re set up for a crisis you will have the option to react properly. Now and again you will be the main individual on location who can help. Our trained security guards are capable of handling firefighting system, i.e. Fire extinguisher, alarm etc and are fully trained to handle any fire incident and providing first aid to casualties.

Self Defense Training

self defense training sets you up for sudden circumstances and furthermore creates expanded mental and physical wellbeing

Fire and Life Safety Training

Fire Fighting and Security Training for Security Guard With our associates we can meet your requirement to train your all the staff of office or factory who will be able to handle the situation like fire or crisis management if the need arise.

Class Room Training

Inside any business setting, it’s a legitimate prerequisite for specific individuals from staff to be prepared in fire security strategies – turning into your condition’s assigned fire administrator subsequently. The individual prepared ought to have an unmistakable comprehension of the general obligations and duties they have as a fire administrator. This will include: what move they should make on the disclosure of a fire, know the distinction between various fire classes, which extinguisher to use for which fire and what the evacuation procedure is.

Awarded with Certificate

We provide a Certificate after completing about the 30 days training programmed to all our training security guards

Why Choose Us

CARE FORCE Security takes security seriously and undertakes every measure to ensure that all security guards and staff are trained, qualified and trustworthy. We provide certified, licensed, insured, and bonded Security Guards.