Security services are crucial to keeping individuals secure in public and private settings. There was a private player who became the first business to be established. It marked the beginning of the private security industry in Bangladesh in 1988.


How has the Security Service undergone a massive change in Bangladesh?


It took time for the security service sector company to expand and pick up steam. However, more businesses started to run mainly in Dhaka by 1994–1995. Following the terrible attack on the World Trade Center in New York in September 2001, the security industry had significant growth in Bangladesh and the rest of the world. The threats, mainly militants, radicals, and fundamentalists, caused the most significant worry and terror. The need for most service providers in the field became necessary.

At that time, many private security firms in Bangladesh began to operate on a larger scale. The traditional guard’s previous meaning, “Darwan,” vanished abruptly. As previously noted, high-level ex-police and military officers organized uniformed security personnel under the firm name. They took over the company so that it might be professionally operated like a business.


The companies in this industry mainly offer services in banks, office buildings, government buildings, private offices, educational institutions, hospitals, malls, restaurants, and residential flats.


Security services make everyone feel protected.


We feel protected, and the security service providers assist in keeping everything running correctly. People are willing to spend more to protect their safety by engaging these specialists because of the rising crime rate, threat of terrorism, criminalization, and the persistent threat of abduction, extortion, and killing by criminals. Security services are in greater demand every day. This industry’s demand is increasing, and unquestionably a practical enterprise for investors.


Why appoint only the most reliable Security Services?


Protecting the persons and property of his employer or contractual customers is one of the duties of security guards. Although there are some similarities between police work and security guard work, there are also some significant differences.


How are security services different from police services?


Police typically intervene after the crime has been committed since they can’t be everywhere. However, security guards are assigned to be on duty at a particular location to deter any crime that could impact the local populace. Their primary duty is to prevent crime simply by being there, not to respond to threats of crime in the absence of law enforcement. Criminals are less likely to attack a place with active, engaged security personnel. The security officers are trained to deal with crooks until the cops arrive. However, following the legislation, security services need to operate. Thus, on this ground, too, they need to be decided upon.


Types of Security Services

There are several security services available, including:

  • ✔ On-site security
  • ✔ Special security
  • ✔ Electronic protection
  • ✔ Safety and fire
  • ✔ Business risk management
  • ✔ Bodyguard/Close Protection Officer



To conclude, we can say that security services needs have increased rapidly in recent years. Because of the many threats, you now need the most reliable security service providers in the field.