Do you have any information about security guards? Security guards’ main task is protecting your property, customers, and staff. They provide more than protection to your business. Read this article to know completely about the security guards’ duties.


Duties of security guards


The duties of security guards range from being active to reacting to assaults and robberies and maintaining order and law. Prior knowledge about security guards’ duties will be a long way to ensuring that you and your property are 100% secure.


Here are the duties of security guards given below.


1. Report and Observe

Reporting and observing are two important duties of security guards. A security guard has to perform security checks and patrol the areas, stay active and react when anything goes out of the ordinary. They can handle the situation better as professional security guards if any emergency or crime occurs.


2. Be visible

The security guard’s presence can prevent illegal or criminal activities. This is why security guards need to be visible in their duty. They should position themselves in high-traffic and public areas to maintain safety.


3. Maintain order

As the security guard, it is important to maintain order and law within the property. Maintaining order could consist of control of the building, enforcing company laws and policies, and monitoring the alarms and surveillance systems. They should also have good leadership qualities and communication skills while waiting for responders to arrive during emergencies or crimes.


4. Helps guests

Usually, the security guards perform their duties at the entry of the building. In this way, one of their duties is to help the guests by giving them the right direction of where they need to go. While performing this duty, a security guard should also be able to detect potential threats and decline the entry of dangerous people into a specific area.


5. Property protection

Security guards should also perform their duty of protecting your property. This duty involves checking people entering the area where you are stationed. The security guard should use their keen sense of hearing, sight, and smell and stay vigilant. Security guard needs to use their senses because it helps them detect potential risks. This duty involves hearing something strange, smelling chemical-related dangerous activity, and seeing that it is going out of the ordinary.


6. Administrative support

Security guard provides liaison services and telephone assistance to minimize the administrative burden of your staff. In liaison services, the security guards are liaisons between the management team and public safety officials. Security guards could answer screen and direct phone calls and receive messages when required telephone assistance.


7. Safety precautions

In emergencies, security guards are responsible for enforcing safety precautions within company policies. The precautions taken by security guards will protect the guests, the public, and employees from danger.




To hire a security guard, you should hire licensed, qualified, and professional security guards. They perform their duties with vigilance and keep an eye on all basic activities to safeguard the people in their area.