A bodyguard for personal protection is one of the options that are available when a threat is imminent.

We can guarantee a short time of appearance, around the clock, if the situation demands it. Our work is performed in close co-operation with the police and other authorities. All our services derive from a risk analysis which in turn determines how the protection is exercised around the principal. The protection can be dormant and thus be activated if the need arise.

CARE FORCE for personal protection has eminent experience of protecting celebrities, VIPs and representatives from commercial and industrial life and other organizations.

For CARE FORCE to undertake the service of protecting private persons, a contract must be formed between the parties. In the contract, we closely examine which rules and conditions that must be followed for us to be able to provide the service. CARE FORCE must have access to all information about the threat in advance to be able to consider the circumstances at hand and make sure that these are  legitimate.

Recruitment, Training & Verifications

We recruit guards as per the recruitment policy set by CARE FORCE after recruitment guards are sent to CARE FORCE Training Center in MIRPUR-02 for two weeks of mandatory basic training During this period we initiate Verifications Request to the special branch of Police for checking individuals character and antecedents.

Minimum criteria for selecting a guard are under:

  • Education             : Class-SSC HSC
  • Age                         : 18 to 45 years
  • Height                    : 5’ 6” and above
  • In possession of NID/Birth Registration Certificate
  • Physically FIT
  • Must have at least one reference
  • Police Verification

Supervision & Monitoring

A well planned, well coordinated and systematic supervision procedures have been established to ensure optimum performance of guards. Supervisions in the field are carried out at different tiers so that any deviation does not go unnoticed. We carry out supervision of guards through combination of the following:

  • Supervision by patrol supervisors
  • Supervision by security inspectors
  • Supervision by night checkers
  • Surprise checking
  • Supervision by officers from head office
  • Night Monitoring over cell phone by duty officer
  • Special Supervision during festival holidays as per pre-planned roster


  • Extra 10% VAT will be added of the total bill.
  •  Security guard will be appointed within 07 days after the agreement signed.
  •    The client  shall pay 01 (one Month) advance payment to the Care Force  during signing of the contract as mobilization cost which will be adjusted at the end of deed of contract.
  • Service Contract. Service contract for Minimum 01 (one) year is required to be signed before deployment.
  • Client will provide accommodation & cooking facilities for security guard.
  • The client  will pay 02 Festival Bonus to the  Care Force 50% Gross payment Monthly bill amount in each Festival After completion 06 month of service.
  • Payments must be paid by cross cheque /cash/ pay order in favour of Care Force Security Services Ltd. within seven (7) days after the bill has been placed to
  • HOTLINE: 01716401771